Our Story

Every Thread Count was created by a group of fashion designers and bed linen enthusiasts in mind to fill gaps in the current market place to offer fashionable quality bedding and other home goods at exceptional value for money. We were inspired to create ETC for friends, families and linen lovers who find it a challenge searching for trendy and stylish designs in local sizing.

Starting with an inspiration, our design stories are created out of passion and brought to life in our bedding. Our team of designers keep on trend with the latest fashion, lifestyle and home décor to create a diversity of styles to complement all personalities and moods. We focus on fashion savvy sets that feature unique prints and patterns that will make a statement in your home.

ETC’s exclusive range of bedding, bath linens and home accessories are updated each season to ensure the collections stay fresh and relevant to consumers. Something to offer for every home, whether you're making over an entire space or refreshing the details. Exclusive designs of classic to contemporary, urban to romantic, there is always something to suit your decor. 

Other than our philosophy of offering distinctive designs, we are also committed to delivering affordable products of high quality and superior comfort. Who says design do not come together with comfort!

Unlike many retailers in the market who manipulates the thread count calculation and uses metric figures of threads per 10 square centimeters instead of square inches so as to inflate their thread count. ETC states the true thread count by per square inch for all our bedding and they are made from 100% cotton in sateen weave which gives a soft and luxurious feel.

We hope everyone can shop for your dream bedding beyond ease and accessibility from your home.

Let the story come alive with ETC.

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